Taqqat Reinforcement Project For Saudi Electricity Company

TAQQAT Global Co. Ltd. has successfully completed and handed-over to Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) the work for Reinforcement of Musadiyah, Qarah, Al-Adarah& Hudayb 33/13.8kv Substations.

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) requires to reinforce existing Musadiyah, Qarah, Al-Adarah & Hudayb 33/13.8kv Substations by utilizing two transformers 20/30 MVA available in Rafha Old Power Plant. The two transformers from Rafha substation will be dismantled and shifted to Musadiyah substation likewise the existing two transformers 15/18 MVA from Musadiyah substation will be dismantled and shifted to Qarah substation, and also, the existing two transformers 12.5 MVA each from Qarah substation will be dismantled and shifted, one to Hudayb and the other to Al-Adarah substation.

Other works includes rehabilitation of transformer foundations in all substations to accommodate the relocated transformers which is larger in size than the existing.

TAQQAT Global Co. Ltd. performed on Lump Sum Turnkey (LSTK) basis, design, engineering, material procurement, quality management, factory inspection/testing, transport and delivery to site, construction, site inspection, testing and commissioning and all associated work and services as specified in the Scope of Work and Technical Specifications.

The said project was started last January 2014 and estimated to be completed within seven months but due to full determination and dedication given by all the members of the team headed by Engr. Khamis Shehata under the supervision of Youssef Maddah – Support Manager and Othman Al-Othman – Managing Director and CEO, the project has been completed one month ahead of schedule.

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