Taqqat Conducted In-House Training

In-house training on “Basics of XLPE Power Cable Splice and Terminations” on 36KV, 1x240/95 sq.mm copper, single core (un-armored) was conducted on 16th of February 2015 at AF HQ Training Room.

The training was conducted in two sessions and a total of twenty (20) project staff consist of Manager, Engineers and Technicians attended the training. The training designed to prepare the team for the upcoming underground cable replacement project in 34.5KV level.

Engr. Raneel Wajirakumara, TAQQAT’s newest Power Line Unit Manager conducted the training. He has more than 43 year’s power line field experienced including 34 years with Saudi Electricity Company in the capacity of HV cable specialist. His expertise ranges from low voltage, 110V up to 380KV, extra high voltage level in the Kingdom.

TAQQAT present strategy is to conduct various technical training courses to enhance project related staff technical-know-how. Such training was conducted in three parts; classroom presentation, hands-on training at field and arrange job related valid certification.

TAQQAT Global Co. Ltd. under the leadership of our Managing Director & CEO, Mr. Othman Al-Othman believes that through training, the quality and reputation of the company will be enhanced to provide its customers with the highest quality of services.

Taqqat In-House Training

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