Chairman's Message

Taqqat Chairman "Sheikh Abdulla Fouad"

The energy sector plays a key role in the development and growth of the economy of any country by ensuring a suitable, secure and cost-effective supply of energy and utilizing of energy resources.

In TAQQAT, we aim to successfully employ cost-effective solutions designed for the best possible utilization of the available resources, and through a world-class facility and a team of employees persistently working to achieve further growth and development for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to strengthen its competitiveness in the global market without compromising the environment. TAQQAT’s continued success is made possible by the commitment of our employees and the trust of the public and private sectors, and all stakeholders concerned to all of whom TAQQAT owes its grateful thanks.

Abdulla Fouad Holding Company will firmly adhere to its long-standing commitment to bringing better quality of life to the Saudi society with our quality electricity service through TAQQAT.

Despite drastic changes that took place over the last few decades, one thing has not changed and I believe will never change is how valuable humans are. No matter how much technology impacts our lifestyle, for better or worse, it is crystal clear that people are the ones that make the difference.

TAQQAT, Welcome aboard.

Sheikh Abdulla Fouad
TAQQAT Chairman

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